Thursday, February 10, 2011

im tired

i am typing again. why? im not quite certain. school deadlines are killing me and i really sucks and i have an insane woman as my mentor. i deleted evryhing. its a new everything. ther's so much to do. i got my bio teacher as my mentor. not sure how well that's going to work out. guess you know everything anyway. so now im back to being just me - nothing special. definitly a truth the plug somehow cuagh fire (im just saying). either way im so tired. started ballet again. killer. i am very blissfully procrastinating addressing issues in my life (such as the fact that i might possibly be oing a lot worse than i think i am) but lets not dwell on the negaitve. i somehow managed to wrangle my way into going to my matric dance in a limo with all my friends. two of the worst conversations i ever had accomplished that. i was so seethingly enraged. those fucking people are such judging predjudices assholes! its a fucking wonder they can survive in society at all. they are the epitome of believers in the spots and stripes philosophy. which is fucking sick and disgusting and just makes me so fucking angry. i have absolutely no idea how they managed to make something as awesome (cough) as me. fuck i spell terribly. but in a few moments ill spellcheck it so if theres anyone who pays attenttion this they might actually have a chance of understanding this. good luck with this year cos god knows is fucking me backwards. yes eesa i started again. im keeping my head above water for now and just not thinking about all my fucking issues and challenges. anyway i feel as though im having an allergic reactiion to my insides rights now. i think i ate something funny. gosh.

ps: i tried to spellcheck it but i couldnt find spellcheck (shrug)

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