Wednesday, February 23, 2011

numb feeling again

wish id feel more right now. i keep getting upset over shit though. i have got way too much work right now at the moment. somehow im enjoying the social aspects of school without actually seeming to be doing any work (which is really not a good thing at all). fuck. i feel kinda insane. my dads convinced i need antidepressants which he calls "brain chemical stabilisers" to help my mental state. my response: fuck that shit. i refuse to go on his whole insane buzz trip. i am not in need of his drugs and would rather keep my sanity thenx very much. wtf! that guy is so messed. i really do seriously not understand him. he plans everything but never actually seems to do anything he plans. either he makes us do it or it just never gets followed through. verdict: i am not a guinaepig and this is really not the time for experimentation.. speaking of i probably shouldnt have decided to try getting really involved in school and related intellectual activities in my final year when i have the most work and should be focusing on that. which bring to mind the maths tutorial that i havent quite finished yet. should go do that now. hope i can hang on a few months longer

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  1. Hey! I reopened my blog again :) (it's at

    & It sucks to hear that things aren't going right D:. Don't worry though Ii can understand what you're going through :)
    But at least your parents seem to notice you're down. My don't give a shit D: